Autumn: An iPhone Short Film

More and more people, including photographers alike are using their smartphone’s camera to capture moments and events. Not to mention capturing photos of themselves, did I say “selfies”? Different smartphones possess a myriad of outstanding camera features and this makes you wonder if time will come that one is going to ditch the bulky DSLRs and compact cameras as pundits continue to laud the immense popularity of the former. As a fan of mobile photography, (Lumia 1020 ex-user) I always believe that it will continue to grow and be embraced by people who are into photography. I went back to iPhone after some time with the trusted Nokia Lumia 1020. I am currently using iPhone 6 and began to unravel its iOS features of time-lapse and slo-mo. I’m now starting to fascinate on mobile videography and will dabble more into it. Here’s my first attempt of iPhone filming.



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