Elephant Parade

Seeking to raise public awareness and encouraging public support for Asian elephant conservation, Elephant Parade is the world’s largest open air art exhibition of decorated and artful designs of elephant statues. This year, Elephant Parade has come back to UK for its nationwide tour across major cities nationwide and for the first time, it has chosen to go indoors through placement in regional shopping centres. The colourful and beautiful elephant statues were designed by different renowned artists and these elephants will be in for auction to raise some money to support the Asian elephant. Every single one of them is truly alluring indeed. There are hundreds of these elephant statues all over the world but I managed to photograph all of the elephant statues on display here in UK. I was captivated by their beauty with a thought that by photographing them, I can also raise some sort of awareness as well to save these beautiful creatures in the wild.

_DSF4202 web

“Party Garden” by Nanchita Pinkaew

_DSF4208 web

“Twiggie on Tour” by Ann Leonard and Paola Minekov

_DSF4209 web

“Lily Pepper” by Karen Hollis

_DSF4210 web

“We Love Mosha” by Diana Francis

_DSF4212 web

“Spirit” by Alex Jones with Mercy Delta

_DSF4213 web

“Happiness is for Everyone” by Elaine Maher

_DSF4217 web

“Sparkey” by Rylan Clark with Cath Adam

_DSF4220 web

“Wild London” by Patricia Shrigley

_DSF4222 web

“Funny Cookies” by Ratsamee Kongchan

_DSF4223 web

“Mrs Bennet” by Patrice Moor

_DSF4225 web

“Red Arrow” by Richard Powell

_DSF4228 web

“Forrest” by Claudia Schiffer

_DSF4230 web

“Ice Creamy” by Karina Choudhrie

_DSF4232 web

“An Elephant’s Tale” by Katie Sollohub

_DSF4234 web

“Pira-phant” by Keith Siddle with Yonis Abdulle

_DSF4236 web

“Birds and Blossom” by Joanna Martin

_DSF4238 web

“Beethoven” by Union J with Martin Wall

_DSF4240 web

“Unforgettable Journey” by Vicky Scott

_DSF4242 web

“Razzle Dazzle” by Sheara Abrahams

_DSF4244 web

“Stop the Traffic” by Christine Wilcox-Baker

_DSF4245 web

“Pop Art” by Nattapol Buaum

_DSF4249 web

“Little Sweetie”


_DSF4251 web

“Elephants Communicating” by Ratchakrit Wichayo

_DSF4255 web

“Sunday Best” by Anna Masters

_DSF4258 web

“Flower Impression” by Pimpapa Dumdej

_DSF4260 web

“The Butterfly Effect” by Jane Veveris Callan

_DSF4263 web

“Jack on Tour” by Ratchakrit Wichaiyo

_DSF4264 web

“Love Story” by Kesorn Mueanpang

_DSF4269 web

“Mega Nova” by Pete Fowler

_DSF4271 web

“Stone Rosie” by Angie Rogers



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