My 1st Week with the 1020

I have read a lot of positive reviews about the Nokia Lumia 1020 and how people raves about its 41 megapixel camera. Yes, 41 MP leaving even some of the well-known camera brands to oblivion. The chance to test and see myself what the other photographers and critiques have been raving about, definitely made it easier for me to decide to get one. And so forth I got hold of this phone (the yellow one, for a COOL change aha!) and I struggled surely to operate it. Being a long-time iOS user, this is a whole brand new world for me to use Windows OS and the first thing I noticed was the lack of photo apps. VSCOcam, Snapseed, PS and other apps I’m more familiar with on my iPhone were nowhere to be found on the Windows App store. Calling Windows app developers…. 🙂 After some time and a little bit of exploring the phone, I managed to download some notable photo apps and I’m still getting the hang of them. And oh boy does this Nokia 1020 phone rocks! I’m still learning in a way but I fell in love with this phone as soon as I took my first photograph using this. There’s the full manual settings and preferences and I love how you can manually adjust WB, ISO, shutter speed and even has MF. And lest I forgot, the EV compensation (+3 to -3). Of course there’s the automatic settings as well but the manual settings is just unreal for a smartphone camera. One will have a field day on exploring the capabilities of this phone, camera-wise. And so, here are some of the photos I took with the Nokia Lumia 1020.

WP_20131208_13_57_37_Pro__highres[1] First photo taken with the 1020


I want to test the phone’s camera on low light condition and this was the image produced. Automatic settings were used on this image. There’s still noise present but was very much bearable as compared to my iPhone.WP_20131212_14_07_04_Pro__highres  WP_20131212_14_13_53_Pro__highres   WP_20131212_14_12_28_Pro__highresHad a day out in Canary Wharf and yes, I took photos of the buildings 🙂

WP_20131212_15_14_51_Pro__highres WP_20131212_15_52_56_Pro__highres WP_20131212_15_54_16_Pro__highres Some shots taken whilst on the prowl around Westminster area in London.

WP_20131212_15_09_34_Pro__highres WP_20131212_16_13_18_Pro__highres As I watched and anticipated the sunset, these were some of the images captured with the 1020.

WP_20131212_16_03_31_Pro__highres WP_20131212_16_04_33_Pro__highres WP_20131212_16_15_36_Pro__highres

WP_20131212_16_17_38_Pro__highres To test how the camera works at night time, I went to this Christmas market in Southbank, London and took several shots. Indeed, the Nokia 1020 performed relatively well even in low light conditions.

WP_20131212_16_19_10_Pro__highres WP_20131212_16_19_45_Pro__highres 1 Still, other images from the Christmas market.

WP_20131212_16_29_28_Pro__highres And finally, to test how the Nokia Lumia 1020 camera shows DOF; it achieves nice bokeh. It’s just amazing how a phone’s camera can do this and the 1020 has it all. I can’t wait to spend more weeks with this phone… 🙂


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