Wedding |Freida & Erwin|

A lovely couple… a great moment… being a part of this wondrous occasion is truly an amazing experience and photographing the event is just the icing on the cake… Congratulations to Erwin and Frieda and a big thanks!

_MG_9321 resize_MG_9336 resizedip2 resize_MG_8915 resize_MG_8894 a resize_MG_8897 a resize_MG_8923 resize_MG_8887 resize_MG_8953 resize_MG_9026 resize_MG_8981 resize_MG_9051 resize_MG_8863 resize_MG_9089 resize_MG_9288 resize_MG_9324 resize_MG_9274 resize_MG_9357 resize_MG_9355 resize   


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